Sample Question paper for General Knowledge Quiz Questions for Competitive Exams SSC-CGL, PSC, IBPS

Model Sample Question paper General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers  for Various Competitive Exams SSC-CGL, UPSC, IBPS and General Studies.

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General Knowledge Sample Paper Paper Quiz

The urine becomes yellow due to bile pigments in the disease:


Blood cancer is otherwise called:


Like poles of a magnet :


A person appointed by two parties to settle a dispute is known as :


An act in exess of authority conferred by law :


The river flows ………………the bridge :


A doctor has a _______ relationship with his patient:


The act of unlawfully entering into another’s property :


Monsoon : Rain :: winter: ______ ?


The country which has no written Constitution is :


Writer of “MY Experiments with Truth” is :


The Constitution of India came into force on :


Which of the following is the lightest gas ?


Baloons are filled with:


Ready source of energy available for athletes is :


Mother’s milk is preferred to cow’s milk because it contains


Laughing gas is :


The President of India can only be removed by :


The holy Srimad Bhagawat Gita was originally written in :


Deepest port in India :


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