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Questions & Answers on Jainism and Vardhaman Mahavira

Questions and Answers on Jainism and Vardhaman Mahavira
Questions & Answers on Jainism
And Vardhaman Mahavira

Question No. 01. Who was the founder of Jainism?
Answer : Rishabhnath was the founder of Jainism.

Question No. 02. In which ancient mythological book Rishabhnath is described as an incarnation of God Narayana?
Answer : In 'Vishnu Purana' and in 'Bhagavata Purana'.

Question No. 03. How many Tirthankars were there in Jainism?
Answer : 24

Question No. 04. Who was the first Tirthankara?
Answer : Rishabhnath

Question No. 05. In 'Rig Veda' how many jain Tirthankara's name is written?
Answer : Rig Veda mentions two jain Tirthankaras and they are Rishabh Dev and Arishtanemi.

Question No. 06. Who was the 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism?
Answer : Parsavanath

Question No. 07. Who was the 24th or last Tirthankara?
Answer : Vardhaman Mahavira

Question No. 08. When and where Vardhaman Mahavira was born?
Answer : Last Tirthankar Vardhaman Mahavira was born in 540 BC at Kundalgram near Vaishali in Bihar.

Question No. 09. Which emblem were represented Rishavanath, Parsavanath and Vardhaman Mahavira in Jainism?
Answer : Rishavanath  was represented by Bull, Parsavanath by Serpent, and Vardhaman Mahavira by Lion.

Question No. 10. In Pali texts, who is written to as "Nigantha Nataputta"?
Answer : Vardhaman Mahavira

Question No. 11. What was the name of the river, at the bank of which Vardhaman Mahavira attained 'Kaivalaya'?
Answer : Rijupalika

Question No. 12. According to some Jain writings, who was son-in-law and first disciple of Tirthankara Vardhaman Mahavira?
Answer : Jamali

Question No. 13. What is the name of Vardhaman Mahvira's wife?
Answer : The name of Vardhaman Mahavira's wife is Yashoda.

Question No. 14. Where was Parsavanath, the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism born?
Answer : Kashi, India

Question No. 15. What is called to the followers of Parsavanath?
Answer : Nirganth

Question No. 16. Which Tirthankar of Jain Religion is presented in art with spiral?
Answer : Parsavanath

Question No. 17. Which mountain is considered sacred in Jainism?
Answer : Chandragiri mountain

Question No. 18.  In Jainism, which principle has been emphasized the most?
Answer : Non-violence

Question No. 19. Who was the person who is credited for carrying Jainism to South India?
Answer : Bhadrabahu

Question No. 20. Where the first session of Jainism was held? And who was the chairman of that session?
Answer : The first session of Jainism was held at Pataliputra and Sthulbdra was the chairman of that session.

Question No. 21. In which language(s) was the Jain texts originally written?
Answer : Prakrit and Sanskrit

Question No. 22. Who wrote the famous Jain book “Lok Vibhang”?
Answer : Haribhadra Suri

Question No. 23. Who were Vardhaman Mahavira's parents?
Answer : The father of Vardhaman Mahavira was Siddhartha (head of Jnatrika clan) and his mother was Trishla (Lichchhavi Princess and sister of Chetak).

Question No. 24. According to historical evidence, Vardhaman Mahavira attained 'Kaivalya' at the age of 42 years under a sal 
tree at Jimbhika grama on the banks of the river Rijupalika. What is the meaning of the word 'Kaivalya'?
Answer : The meaning of the word 'Kaivalya' is 'Perfect Knowledge'.

Question No. 25. When and where Vardhaman Mahavira died?
Answer : Vardhaman Mahavira Died in 468 BC, when he was 72 years old, at Pavapuri near Rajaghriha.

Question No. 26. What are the Three Ratnas (way to Nirvana) in Jainism or Jain Philosophy?
Answer : In Jainism, Three Ratnas are
(a) Samyak Vishwas (Right faith)
(b) Samyak Jnan (Right Knowledge)
(c) Samyak Karma (Right Conduct)

Question No. 27. What are the Five Cardial Principles in Jain Philosophy (Jainism)?
Answer : There are five cardinal principles in Jainism. These Principles are : (i) Ahimsa (Non- injury), (ii) Non-lying (Satya), (iii) Non-stealing (Asteya), (iv) Non-possession (Aparigraha), (v) Observing celibacy (Brahmacharya).

The first four principles were started by Parsavanath, while the fifth was added later by Vardhaman Mahavira.

Question No. 28. By which Jain sect Sthulabhdra was followed?
Answer : Svetambaras

Question No. 29. Emperor Akbar conferred the title of 'Jagatguru' to whom?
Answer : Hira Vijay Suri

Question No. 30. Whobwas the Royal Patron of the first Jain council in 300 BC at Pataliputra? And who was the chairman of this council?
Answer : Chandragupta Maurya and Sthulabhadra respectively.

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